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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

One Third of the Nine Days: Nuremburg Chronicle

Nebuchadnezzar Conquering Jerusalem, The Nuremberg Chronicle, 1493

Two images are being posted today on the Destruction of Jerusalem,  albeit from the same book. The first shows the arrival of  Nebuchadnezzar with his armies to destroy the First Temple,  that which Solomon built.  The image is from a medieval book printed in Nuremburg in 1493 and now owned by Beloit College in Wisconsin.

The Nuremberg Chronicle was meant to be a comprehensive recitation of the history of the world as then  understood and based on biblical sources.

Though not credited as one of  the artists of the book, Albrecht Durer, was an apprentice (he was the owner's godson)  in the engraver/print workshop that produced this book and may have had a hand in the creation of some of the plates. 

The second image of the Jerusalem's destruction, presumably showing  the destruction of the Second Temple (built by Herod), is below.

Destruction of Jerusalem, Nuremberg Chronicle, 1493

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