Thank you to Kol HaOt for inviting me to be Artist-in-Residence at their beautiful space in Jerusalem's Artists Colony, Khutzot ha Yotzer from November 12-December 11, 2017. Gallery Talk will take place Saturday night, December 30, 2017, 8 pm, when I will speak on "Not Child's Play: Marking Memories and Loss," discussing my works using paper dolls created there.

I will be participating in the Salon ha Cubia exhibit opening October 28, 2017 at 8 pm in Nayot in Jerusalem, as part of the city-wide Manofim project. Continuing until the end of January 2018. Hope to see you there. Invitation

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Beginnings -

"Pomegranate Tree"  2010  Heddy Abramowitz

The Jewish New Year,  will be beginning tomorrow evening.  For those of you who will be celebrating, I wish you and your families the traditional blessings for a sweet, happy and  healthy  New Year. And for the rest, may sweetness, good health, peace and prosperity  come to you and yours as well.

The photograph was taken last year in the Geula neighborhood of Jerusalem.  One can still see fruit trees growing alongside older houses in certain areas of the city.  This pomegranate tree was just starting its transformation into a burst of rosy orbs,  still in its green stages, a sign of new beginnings.  At many tables tomorrow night the pomegranate, with its many seeds,  will be eaten as a symbolic food denoting plenty.

Many thanks to my readers from around the globe who have been following this blog. It has been a new venture that I hope will continue to interest you and bear fruit.  Blessings for a fruitful and productive year. I will resume blogging after the holiday.

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